Empirical Research

Design activity #3: Final prototypes

In today’s design activity, we finished the first prototype and readied it for the first testing in school. We will present the prototype to the teachers who have volunteered to test the game in their classrooms.

Decisions and discussions on materiality
Lene and I have been discussing the materialities of different solutions, and whether the first prototypes should be made in e.g., cardboard or wood, the consistency in the graphical expression of the single pieces of the game, the correlation between the analog and digital part of the game and how to balance the game to both constrain the students into a specific fictional genre and afford openness to let the student’s imagination and creativity flourish.

Our considerations on materialities are also based on which kind of feedback we want to get from the teachers. For us, this concerns the balance between presenting a prototype, that looks done but not as a completely finished design. We don’t want the teacher to be concerned with the time and work put into the prototypes and thereby eventually limiting their evaluation. our hypothesis here is, that if the teachers think we have too much ownership or put to much work into it, then that will limit their evaluation and honesty towards concerns or critique of the design.

Lene checking the quality of the pieces and preparing them for the final finish

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