Nice Online Places

Here is a few online places I use for news, research updates and more.
I continue to put new stuff on the list and I’m always open to suggestions…

Despite claiming to be the thoughts of an amateur on computation and mathematics, bit-player is actually authored by Brian Hayes, the one-time “Computing Science” columnist at American Scientist.

Anyone interested in computer science is sure to find U.C. Irvine professor David Eppstein’s posts both entertaining and informative. He writes on just about everything, always from a computer science perspective.

Communications of the ACM is an entire online publication dedicated to all aspects of computing and information technology. May be of interest to the aspiring programmer and computer scientist.

Mark Guzdial’s blog, a professor at the University of Michigan in Computer Science & EngineeringComputing Education This Research Blog is perhaps the most definitive and current resource on computing in K-12 education.

The largest web developer site on the internet and a really nice place to experiment with or learn to code or program.